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More than 10 biomechanical parameters

Supplement your visual observations with the objective analysis
of more than 10 biomechanical parameters


Why Choose Digitsole Pro to analyze the running parameters of your patients?

Digitsole Pro supports you in your healthcare professional activity
and makes your daily life easier.

In-depth analysis on treadmill
in your clinic, or outdoors

Improve the patient’s assessment by measuring objective biomechanical data related to characterized gait, that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated into clinical data in order to propose the most appropriate treatment.

Patient’s education, stronger interaction

Result sharing
during the consultation

Facilitate communication with the patient by making it easier for them to understand and approve the treatment. The analysis export in .pdf format also enriches the exchanges between the professionals involved in its follow-up.

Compare analysis
and follow evolution

Compare the parameters over time during a patients’ activity with colorful graphic illustrations that bring more visibility to the highlighting of alterations in running.

Personalized interpretations
to improve the clinical
assessment of patients

Digitsole Pro offers for each analysis, a recommendation for the interpretation of the results to support the practitioner's reflection on the assessment of the diagnosis.

Enriched and detailed
patient file

View the overall evaluation of your patient through his detailed file: pathology, reason for consultation, and history, level of pain and type of shoe.

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