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The history of the company

Since 2015, Digitsole develops & deploys a digital health platform  to massively & seamlessly monitor mobility parameters & related pathologies. Digitsole “Empowering mobility for a healthier life” is our mission.

Digitsole is a Medtech, operating in eHealth and well-being. We are a French start-up bringing together data - digital biomarkers, biomechanical and clinical expertise to improve  the well-being of people through their lives. We are fast-growing and have traction with customers in more than 37 countries already. 

While our core applications deliver value to the healthcare mobility specialists– podiatrists, physios, chiropractors, orthopedic - our influence and potential goes beyond: we believe that real-world information can lead to patients, athletes, employees and everyone staying healthier.

The company's vision

Real world daily seamless mobility measurement will transform personal health monitoring for better prevention & prediction.

When facing
health problems

We empower patients & help healthcare professionals enrich their diagnosis, follow-up & accelerate patients’ recovery. Connect remotelyPatients & HCP.

When in
good health

We help people stay healthy by moving more & better to reduce fatigue & injury risk or enhance performance. Quantify the impact on the body & alert for potential health problem

A word from
the founder

After many years of R&D, we have finally launched the first generation of smart insoles able to monitor, analyse and recommend on the mobility and quality of the movement. 

We have been a forerunner and we are very proud of it! We have created smartInsole for everyone, from the athlete to the elderly who wants to improve their mobility.  All those who move, who walk, who run and especially in the future those who do not move enough to enable them to move more & better everyday.

In the future, we will also provide solutions for people with specific pathologies, such as diabetes, and address other sports or types of practices.


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37 countries



HealthCare Practitioners
are trusting us


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Key expertise

Data science




App’s & footwear

Digitsole Pro solution for consumer
& healthcare professionals

Digitsole develops & deploys a digital health platform to massively
& seamlessly monitor mobility parameters & related pathologies

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