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Most Frequently asked questions

What is the compatibility of the web interface?

The Digitsole Pro® interface is compatible with both PCs and tablets (iOS, Androidand Microsoft). We advise you to use Google Chrome (version 87 to 90), Firefox (version 82 to 85) or Edge (version 86 to 87).

Why is my acquisition invalid?

Make sure to place the DSPods in the right position in the insoles. (Refer to : How toinsert the DSPods into the Digitsole Pro® insoles?)
• Make sure you stay still during the initialization phase.
• In walking anakysis, make sure you have taken more than 20 steps during theacquisition.

In running analysis, make sure you run at a speed of more than 8 km/h.
• If the problem appears again, please contact us and send us the error report.

What is the minimum running speed?

We advise you to run at a minimum speed of 8 km/h.

How to insert the DSPods into the Digitsole Pro® insoles?

Insert the DSPods into your insoles as follows:

  • Identify left and right DSPod
  • Identify the left insole and the right insole
  • Place the left DSpod in the left insole and the right DSPod in the right. Please keep in mind that the DSPods must be inserted in the correct direction for the data

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