Digitsole launches its latest AI-based smart insole technology in the U.S.

Company Also Announces New Education Program Leader

Sunnyvale, CA (January 27, 2022) – Digitsole, an industry pioneer and leader in digital health, announced today that it has officially launched its innovative second-generation, Digitsole Pro® system and smart insoles in the U.S. The next generation system will also be available to Europe and many other countries around the world.

Digitsole Pro® was developed with, and for healthcare professionals to improve the clinical assessment of patients with mobility disorders. It represents an important assessment advancement that can help improve a patient’s walking or running, and advance recovery from neurological, orthopedic, age-related or sport-related conditions by measuring objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye.  

Each Digitsole Pro® insole has an inertial platform that records the walking steps, running strides and orientations of a foot in space. The connected chips inserted into a patient’s insoles retrieve data collected at the end of each activity. Patient movements are processed through Digitsole Pro®’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm into relevant clinical data so practitioners can propose the most effective treatment options for patients. Digitsole Pro® uses the smallest foot inertial measurement unit module in the world, DSPods, to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of movement to improve patient health. To learn more and request a free demo, visit www.digitsolepro.com

“The official U.S. market launch of Digitsole Pro® marks an important milestone for our rapidly growing organization,” said Brandon Noble, Chief Marketing Officer & Global Head of Sales at Digitsole. “Digitsole Pro® represents the latest advance within our smart insoles technology platform. We take great pride in being a digital health frontrunner by developing emerging solutions that help improve patient outcomes.”  

Digitsole is also pleased to announce that Christopher Proulx, DC., Ph.D.(Abd), C.S.C.S., has joined the company as its new Director of Education. With his strong academic, clinical, and extensive professional leadership experience, Chris will be keenly focused on fully developing and enhancing Digitsole’s key clinical education-based programs and initiatives, which will be fundamental to Digitsole’s expansion in the U.S. and worldwide.  

"We're excited to have the tremendous talent of Chris on the Digitsole team,” added Brandon. “Education will be the cornerstone to the success of our product portfolio and we're looking forward to building a robust educational program with his expertise."

“It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am joining Digitsole, a preeminent organization developing innovative products for the greater good in global healthcare,” said Chris. “It will be an honor to bring my experience and knowledge to contribute to such an exceptional team in developing awareness of how Digitsole's products can help both clinicians and the population understand the benefits of proper movement in not only treating conditions but improving overall health."

About Digitsole:

Digitsole, a leader in the digital health space, started in 2015 in France. Our forte is bringing together digital mobility biomarkers, biomechanical data,  and clinical expertise to improve the wellbeing of people throughout their lives. Digitsole’s proprietary digital health platform was developed to effortlessly monitor mobility measurements and related pathologies. Our mission is to empower mobility for a healthier life, knowing real-world data can advance wellness and lead to better health predictions. Visit www.digitsolepro.com

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