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Talking about Digitsole...


"I'll never have cold feet again. Perfect for people like me who have Reynaud's syndrome or other circulatory diseases. I can now enjoy the outdoors again because of these amazing insoles. Digitsoles allow me to easily control the temperature using the handy app. Genius."

Marie D.

"As a cyclist taking to the road come rain or shine, I was often having to face the reality of bitterly cold weather with long spells of subzero temps. Ever since I made Digitsole part of my cycling equipment, I have never looked back and can only strongly recommend the technological feat to all my fellow cyclists out there.”

Sofiane K.

"I purchased Digitsole for use in my dress shoes in the Canadian winters which can routinely be -20C or colder with the wind. The Digitsoles worked perfectly and I now switch them out into all of my winter footwear.”

Terry K.

"Received my Digitsole and never suffered from cold feet again . Having had cold feet all my life , it is wonderful to put the Digitsoles in my walking boots when my I take my dog for a walk on the moors in the snow . ”

Annika G.

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