HEATED INSOLE - Never have cold feet again

A MUST HAVE FOR WINTER ! The first connected and heated insole. NEVER HAVE COLD FEET AGAIN

Discover the first connected heating insoles! Designed to warm your feet during your activities, in the winter time or if you suffer from poor blood circulation. The Warm Series are a must to improve your comfort and well-being. (Warm Series is not a medical device, seek proper advice in case of a doubt).

Smart Heating

Never have cold feet again. Connect your heated insole to your phone. Set your desired comfort temperature on our application from 30 to 45 °C (86 to 113°F)


Our application is available on iOS (above 9.0) and Android (above 5.0). It allows you to connect to your insoles using the Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity of your phone. Through the app, you can set the temperature of each insole separately and quantify your daily activity.


With the Warm Series, you can keep precise count of not only the number of steps, but also distance walked and calories burned.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Shape

The heated insole features different proprietary footwear technologies, including a Flex-Zone which optimizes the natural movement of the foot, a medium Arch-Support to restore natural foot function and an X-torsion system to improve foot stability.

They talk about us

Work in better conditions

Enjoy your activities

Enjoy the little moments

Connected & Interactive

Through the app, you can set the temperature of each heated insole separately. You can quantify your daily activity (steps, distance and burned calories)

Smart Heating System

Our built in thermostat will automatically regulate the temperature in your shoes to your desired heat, thus ensuring a stable, comfortable warmth throughout the day and in any circumstances.


Keep track of the number of steps taken. Calculate distance and burned calories regarding the activity you chose (walking, hiking, riding...). Save the map of the course you walked.

  • Weight: 120 to 150g (3.8 onces)
  • Maximum Heat Level: 113°F (45°C)
  • Heat regulation: Thermostat
  • Temperature output: Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Distance output: Miles or meters
  • Available Sizes: EUR 36 to 47
  • Battery output: Hi-Cap rechargeable
  • Battery Life : From 2 to 6 Hours (Depending on usage and environment)
  • Charging System : Micro-USB Cable
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Matéerials : Neotech, Soft Touch PU

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