Run Profiler Cycling: Connected insoles for cycling

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The first connected cycling insole with artificial intelligence:

  • Analysis of pedaling technique: balance, push-pull, power loss…
  • Detection of ergo posture and adjustment anomalies on your bike
  • Ultra-light ergonomic insoles: flex zone, heel damping system
  • Fatigue and injury detection
  • Personalized advice and coaching
  • Tracking and analysis of cycling activity: cadence, speed, calories burned…

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Run Profiler Cycling

The first connected insoles dedicated to cycling

The first smart insoles for cycling that enable cyclists to enhance pedaling technique, to optimize energy consumption and to reduce injury risk. They are connected to a dedicated application on which you can easily follow your daily evolution. No need to go through a cycling test lab, RP Cycling provides you with all the information you need to improve yourself.

Discover the RP cycling presentation
Discover the test of Cyclism Actu


Avoid the risk of injury
by precisely adjusting your bike

Precise adjustments on the bike are necessary to avoid health problems for the cyclist. By analyzing balance, pedaling technique and angles, you can detect ergo posture and adjustment anomalies on your bike. No need for laboratory testing, the RP Cycling allows you to easily adjust the position of the saddle and shoe shims, the height of the handlebars and the length of your cranks.


your pedaling technique

A cyclist pedals on average at 5300 rpm. If performed incorrectly, trauma may occur and injury may result. RP Cycling will analyze your pedaling technique in order to optimize your performance: pedaling angle (4 axes), pedaling balance, pushing and pulling efficiency…


Benefit from personalized advice
after each session

Cyclist training is essential to improve performance and to avoid injury. With RP Cycling, get personalized advice related to your activity through our dedicated application: muscle strengthening, performance improvement and pedaling technique… In addition, RP Cycling informs you about your level of fatigue in order to adapt your sessions as well as possible.



Track and analyze
your cycling activity

The integrated tracker allows you to record and analyze your activity after your cycling session: cadence, speed, distance covered, time of your sessions, number of calories burned, power loss… All your data is stored and directly available on the dedicated application.

*Data accuracy will depend on the efficiency of the gps signal and your smartphone


Unique connected insoles designed for the comfort of your feet

RP Cycling insoles have been designed to offer your feet the best: more comfort, support, shock absorption and hygiene. They will perfectly follow the curves of your feet, which maximizes your performance.


ARCH Support

The “hot foot” syndrome is quite common among cyclists The RP Cycling has a strong arch support to facilitate venous return.


Ergonomic heel support:
H2 System

The cyclist’s heel is maintained, preventing the ankle from moving in the shoe. The pedaling technique will be facilitated by better supports.




The connected insoles have a flex zone at the front for facilitating pedal movements and improving the fluidity.


Maintien ergonomique du talon et absorption des chocs


Shock absorption:

The insoles have an SHS shock absorption system that provides better cushioning to optimize comfort during your activity.



Water resistant IP56 & antibacterial fabric:
WATER Resistant – ANTI Bacteria

The RP Cycling are water resistant, IP56 certified, and have an antibacterial fabric to always maintain good hygiene.



Laurent Jalabert porte drapeau Digitsole

Special operation : cycling clubs

Technology adapted to your cycling shoes

Connect your insoles to your smartphone and enjoy your daily cycling activities no matter what the weather or the season. It adapts to your shoes thanks to the cutting marks, a pair includes 3 sizes. Just follow the cut marks to adapt them to your shoe. RP Cycling is easy to recharge with the included micro-USB cable.

A dedicated application that accurately analyzes your activity

Our Run Profiler Cycling application, available on iOS (from iOS 9.0) and Android (from 5.0), allows you to connect your insoles to your phone via Bluetooth (BLE). Track your performance directly from the dashboard. Your data is saved to accurately analyze your daily improvements.

Technical description

  • Available sizes: from US men 4 to 13; US Women 6 to 11
  • Compatibility: iOS (10.2 and above); Android (5.0 and above)
  • Battery life: up to 7 days (depending upon use)
  • Water resistant: IP56 rated
  • Packaging: Pair of insoles + 1 micro USB Cable + User manual


They speak about us

Digitsole is an internationally recognized start-up with over a thousand press articles worldwide

“The world’s first intelligent footwear”

“Shoes not smart enough for you?”

“Something we’ve been waiting since Back to the future 2”

“It’s taking a big stab at the whole, futurist shoe thing”

“This is the big buzz at the CES”

“5 coolest things we’ve seen so far at the CES”


They talk about us


“These insoles promote a more efficient pedaling technique”

“Digitsole puts artificial intelligence
in its new connected insoles”

“Wearable which take care about the athlete”


“Digitsole introduces a connected insole for the cycle, a concentrate of innovations.”


“The most interesting are the different analyses of your session that can compete with a biomechanical study in the laboratory, and GPS counters on the market.”

Today Cycling

“No doubt it could be the cycling product of the year, especially at only €149.99.”

Velo 101

“The connected insoles have features similar to a connected watch, combined with a pedometer, with the health aspect in addition.”

“You don’t feel the insoles in the shoes, an easy application, interesting information about balance and pedaling technique.”

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9 reviews for Run Profiler Cycling: Connected insoles for cycling

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Frederic (France)

    I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks now, I got lucky and got one really early. So far, I love it. Between pedaling technique analysis, tracking …, I am extremely impressed. Unlike previous wrist based trackers I’ve had, this one actually tracks and analyze my session.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stéphane (France)

    The most interesting are the different analyses of your session that can compete with a biomechanical study in the laboratory, and GPS counters on the market.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mathieu (France)

    I have a long way to go exploring all the features of these insoles. But what I do know, I love! As a cyclist approaching my two-year anniversary, and getting more serious about it, I decided to step up my tools of the trade. I highly recommend them versus watch.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Théo (France)

    Mon ressenti des semelles est très bon, d’abord elles sont confortables on ne ressent pas de sensation qui chauffe sous les pieds. Le boitier de données sous les semelles ne posent pas de soucis au niveau du pédalage et elles sont relativement légères ! Les semelles s’enlèvent facilement des chaussures et se rechargent facilement aussi.

  5. Rated 3 out of 5

    Fernando (France)

    Bon produit pour les entrainements.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chesare Prieto Valera (United States)

    I tested the insoles during a good ride in the Texas Valley. The insoles are perfect to know all the positions of your feet to apply power in the pedals. If you have problems with your knees or ankles, the insole will tell you the best choice to put them in the right position. You can analyze your health data after the trip and check everything is fine…. It is a good help for cycling coaches. The Run Profiler Cycling is a good gps in which the audiocoach will tell you your average speed, the number of kilometers cycled and the number of calories burned. That’s a good application! Finally, between the insoles and the application my opinion is very positive, you can make a correction for your pedals, seat and cleats at home. That’s really nice!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc (Switzerland)

    Je suis bluffé par les fonctionnalités que peuvent apporter ces semelles qui sont similaire à un test en laboratoire.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tras (France)

    d’aspect, très bien fini, le système de charge se trouve sous la voûte plantaire et elles sont très confortable. je vais les essayer mercredi à l entrainement !seul bémol si je peux dire c est que l application ne prend en compte qu’un velo, sur la prochaine mise a jour, surement que cela va évoluer.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jean Michel (France)

    Certaines données innovantes non données par d’autres outils, ok couleurs et design soigné. Sur l’écran live, les informations intéressantes sont présentes, peut-être légère surcharge.

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