Heated insoles
Warm Series

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The first connected and heated insoles:

  • Warm your feet up to 45°C (113°F)
  • Comfortable and ultra-light
  • 100% secured battery
  • Dedicated application (Android, iOS)
  • Track your activity: distance, steps, calories burned


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Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Heated insoles
Warm Series

  1. Terry M.

    I purchased the Warm Series to help me get through my Canadian winters, which can routinely be -20°C. The insoles worked perfectly and I now put them into pretty much all of my shoes! Love it!

  2. Steve

    It’s an okay product, yes they do heat up but thought it would be a lot more intense than that
    More of an extra than a necessity.

  3. Emily

    Satisfied with my purchase, quite fun and easy to use

  4. Mary

    My feet are finally warm!! Perfect for people like me who have Raynaud’s syndrome: I’ve been living with that discomfort for years so it really is a relief to have found these insoles. Only need something like that for my hands now! 😉

  5. Annika G.

    Received my Warm Series, and really like them! I also thought the heat would be more intense to the touch but they actually keep my feet warm and comfortabel as is so I’m happy with my purchase.

  6. Robert

    Good product, keep your feet warm. I’ll see how ling these last for

  7. BillyNJ

    These insoles are very comfortable for the hunting

  8. Bel302


  9. Marko

    Nice.I did’t buy them because i have no more money but excelent product.

  10. patrice dell’essa

    Some difficulties to download the app but once loaded it is a breeze.
    Only negative point once in my motorcycle boots is it difficult to remove the tongue from the sole otherwise good product

  11. Valérie

    Good quality soles, very comfortable, easy to operate.
    Very pleasant warmth.
    Conclusion: very good product!!!!!

  12. Jean-Marc

    It is a beautiful product well presented and well realized. On the other hand they are a little thick and I am a little cramped in my word boots, especially the heel… So I took off the soles of the original boots and I put on my compression socks (I have problems with cramps, it helps!) so it goes better in the place! at the heating level it’s great!

  13. Bantquin Sophie

    I once used soles with an outside temperature of 3 degrees. I had a very hot day, I even had to lower the temperature. Pleasant and easy to use, they fit well in my walking shoes.

  14. Drouet Freddy

    I use them to do mountain biking, the feet stay warm thanks to the soles

  15. vuoto1992 (verified owner)

    received after 7 days as expected. touching the hand at 45 degrees feel a slight heat. but when you put them in your shoes after 30 minutes your feet will thank you. only defect maybe in the next version raise the temperature to 55 c to be able to warm the foot faster 🙂

  16. Mafalda Farmhouse (verified owner)

    The first impression is good,although the insoles are still quite thick.
    They heat well and the app is easy to use.
    I hope they last more than the V5 series…

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