Run Profiler connected insole running
Features, Run Profiler connected insoles running

The first connected running insoles

The first connected insoles dedicated to running allow you to measure, analyze and improve your running performance. Equipped with an activity tracker that is more precise and complete than a wristband or a connected watch, the Run Profiler is able to analyze your sports performance in 3D and in real-time! This data will help you improve your performance, better manage your fatigue and detect the risk of injury!

Packaging Run Profiler
Application Run Profiler

A dedicated application that analyzes your activity

Our Run Profiler application, available on iOS (from iOS 9.0) and Android (from 5.0), allows you to connect your insoles to your phone via Bluetooth (BLE). Track your performance directly from the dashboard. Your data is saved to accurately analyze your daily improvements.


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Connected insoles for runners

Avoid the risk of injury
and manage your fatigue

Runners have to cover many kilometres on different types of roads. If the gesture is badly executed, traumas can appear and create injuries that represent the first reason why athletes stop running. Thanks to its foot level sensors, the Run Profiler detects the decrease in reactivity and measures your level of fatigue during the race: an exclusive analysis that makes it THE insole to run efficiently and safely with.

Avoid the risk of injury
Analysis of your stride in 3D

Improve your running technique thanks to an analysis of your stride in 3D

Through a concentration of technology, the connected Run Profiler insoles analyze your stride and activity, taking into account the 3D position of your feet. There’s no more need for a laboratory analysis, the Run Profiler allows you to optimize your energy expenses and boost your performance: type (pronation/supination), impact force, and propulsion level.

Benefit from personalized advice after each session

To improve running performance and avoid injuries, runner training is essential. With the Run Profiler, take advantage of personalized advice related to your activity through our dedicated application: muscle strengthening and performance improvement.

Personalized advice
Analyze your running activity

Track and analyze
your running activity

The integrated tracker allows you to record and analyze your activity after your running session: speed, distance covered, time of your sessions, number of calories burned. All your data is stored and directly available on the dedicated application.

*Data accuracy will depend on the efficiency of the GPS signal and your smartphone

Designed for the comfort of your feet

Ultra light & Comfortable

Ultra light & Comfortable

Ultra light and comfortable, the RP Cycling has been designed for the comfort of your feet.

Easy to ajust

Easy to ajust

A pair includes three sizes. Just follow the cut marks to adapt them to your shoes.

Light electronics

Light electronics

The weight of the electronics is only 7g to guarantee the lightness of the insole.

Connected insoles with unique features

The Run Profiler insoles have been designed to offer your feet the best: more comfort, support, shock absorption and hygiene. They will perfectly follow the curves of your feet, which maximizes your performance.

Features Run Profiler
Features Run Profiler connected insoles running

Run Profiler, at the cutting edge of technology

Run Profiler, connected insoles running

Technical description

  • Available sizes: from US men 4 to 13; US Women 6 to 11
  • Compatibility: iOS (10.2 and above); Android (5.0 and above)
  • Battery life: up to 7 days (depending upon use)
  • Water resistant: IP56 rated
  • Packaging: Pair of insoles + 1 micro USB Cable + User manual

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