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Pronator or supinator pronation or supination

First of all, what is to be a pronator or a supinator ?   To be a pronator or a supinator refer to the angle of your ankle and the parts of your feet which you count on during a race. They are not pathologies. They are related to the biomechanics of your body, i.e. the availability of a set your joints. It is therefore not useful to try to...

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different types of cyclists

In cycling, all cyclists don't have the same skills and everyone finds his preferred field. Indeed, everything is attached with the team spirit since skills are added and shared during the race. Some will aim for first places in one-day races, others on mountain climbing stages, and others will embark on crazy races against the clock...

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pedalling technique

The pedaling technique is an exercise which, at first sight, is quite simple to perform for the purists of the bike. Nevertheless, many cyclists neglect the good practice of this technique, which offers many benefits if it is well executed. On the other hand, cyclists who pedal with inappropriate technique will exert bad pressure and produce muscle fatigue. Let's analyze together the different elements of...

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walk on the right stride

  Good morning everyone! We’re back with our little walking saga to get to look and - more importantly - feel good while on the move. After going through the posture to adopt in this article, it is now time to move on to the second part: the stride.       What is a stride?   First things first, let’s define what we call a good stride. The stride is the movement that...

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We may walk like we breathe, unconsciously and naturally, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing it right. Yes, you’ve been doing it your entire life and yet, you probably have been doing it the wrong way all along. Bra-vo.       Indeed, although we’re being taught how to stand up and put one foot after the other one, we all naturally decide how exactly we’re going to...

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stitch point

Not easy to see, impossible to anticipate, the stitch is still the fellow of many runners. It’s usually located along the ribs, most often on the left flank. However, it’s possible to have a stitch along the acromion. Be careful! You mustn’t confuse the different zones. Indeed, a stitch is located on the left side (the breath) whereas a pain on the right side is a...

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