• outdoor by ispo 2019
    We are back at OutDoor by ISPO 2019 in Munich to present our new connected smart insoles: the Sport Profiler and the Warm Series V6!     Outdoor by ISPO is Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair and is set to become a leading global platform. With an innovative new concept, the exhibition will be held for the first time in Munich from June 30 to July 3, 2019, after leaving Friedrichshafen. OutDoor by ISPO is
  • back pain
    We often hear that to solve your back pain you shouldn’t do sports, but this preconceived notion is absolutely false. Not doing any activity causes a deficit in the back muscles, which will make your spine more fragile, resulting in back pain.       Different types of back pain exist, such as hernias, sciatica, low back pain or lumbago. These back conditions may be more or less easy to treat. Many people tend to
  • Courir entre amis
    With the return of the summer season and the rise in temperatures, we want to put on our running shoes and enjoy. But how to manage heat and training? There are no miracle recipes but a few tips to help you train in the summer and minimize the impact of heat.     Playing sports in summer, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, creates an additional workload for the body and the cardiovascular system. The higher
  • Booth Digitsole at Computex Taipei
    Our team flew to Asia and more precisely, to Taipei to attend the Computex Show. Computex is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to new technologies and IT innovation. This exhibition, created in 1981, is the must-attend event for all those who are passionate about new technologies and IT. This is an opportunity for companies to present their latest innovations. We couldn’t miss this major event in the world of technology!     Taiwan,
  • COPA 2019 booth podosmart
    ELEVATE 2019   Our team traveled to London from May 8-9, for the first time, had the pleasure of attending for the first time the UK’s largest physical activity fair: Elevate 2019. It is a real meeting point for sports and fitness enthusiasts, but also for health professionals, such as physiotherapists. One of the main objectives of this event is to bring together under one roof thousands of high-level decision-makers under one roof and fight
  • Runner on the road
      What runner has never been victim of the famous side stitch. This pain, which usually appears in the upper abdomen, is the pain of all runners during exercise. The side stitch is often harmless, but it is often very painful and prevents further running. By definition, the side point corresponds to a cramp in the diaphragm, a muscle that is very stressed by the breathing process. The side stitch often appears in people who