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raynaud phenomenom

Raynaud's syndrome   To suffer from Raynaud's syndrome is not only to have cold hands or feet. Raynaud's disease is a chronic pathology affecting the blood circulation, affecting the extremities of the body and causing acute cold sensations. It develops mainly in the event of exposure to the cold and, more rarely, in periods of emotional stress.   To get into the details, under normal circumstances, the blood...

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  Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We’re gathered here today to finish our walking trilogy. After explaining the importance of your posture in this first article, you got to understand what was the right stride to adopt during our last encounter. But I’ve kept the best for last. The champion of back pains, the King of bad posture, the enemy of podiatrists: the foot. And more precisely, your...

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Pronator or supinator pronation or supination

First of all, what is to be a pronator or a supinator ?   To be a pronator or a supinator refer to the angle of your ankle and the parts of your feet which you count on during a race. They are not pathologies. They are related to the biomechanics of your body, i.e. the availability of a set your joints. It is therefore not useful to try to...

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