A word from the President – Karim Oumnia


“10 years ago, the first Smartphones were born. They revolutionized the communication industry and replaced regular phones.

Today, we’re creating the Smartshoes, which will eventually replace current shoes.

Why? We are convinced that shoes will not only be used to protect our feet, but will also bring more comfort (warm up or cool down your feet…), detect fatigue and prevent you from getting injured during your sports or professional activities (back pain, joints issues etc.). To go even further, they will allow you to detect diseases.


The Smartshoe isn’t a simple evolution, it’s a true Revolution.”


A recognize expertise


With a 20 years’ experience in the shoe industry and a solid team of electronic, biomechanics and software engineers, Digitsole is the only company in the world specialized in both footwear and electronics.

Health and well-being

Health & Well being


With the help of health experts such as neurosurgeons or podiatrists, Digitsole develops products with never-seen-before features to bring daily improvement to your well-doing.

Innovation and design thinking

Innovation & design thinking


Digitsole reinvents footwear for a daily use that completely modifies the industry’s standards. Our goal isn’t to gadgetize footwear, but to make it smart and useful: Digitsole isn’t an Evolution, it’s a Revolution.



❝ The first time I thought about the Digitsole was when a longstanding old French company specialized in hunting products  asked me as an engineer to help them create a shoes collection. They were looking for a real innovation to launch its hunting shoes collection; but after days of brainstorming in their office, nothing very significant came up.


Then, the CEO invited me to go hunting. And this was my first time ever. It was in March in the center of France and of course, it was very chilly. All the hunters had already been waiting in the forest for over three hours. They were freezing. When I arrived there, it took me less than 5 minutes to have a terrible feeling of frozen feet and toes and I immediately asked the CEO to drive me back home. He said that he would not drive me back until I had found the idea. I had no other choice but to think quickly and told him without any conviction that I could design a heating shoe that could be controlled with a remote. I really didn’t know how to do it, but I was freezing and I just wanted to go back!


A few weeks later, I designed a heating sole that was powered with a simple battery. That was in 2006. The first heating insole was created! Since the creation of the connectivity, I have been obsessed with the idea of connecting this heating insole. Today, it’s done… ❞


The first connected footwear brand

Karim launches a R&D project combining the knowledge of footwear designers and electronics experts.

2012 : The birth of Digitsole!

Outdoor Retailer Show

After two years of development, the first generationof Digitsole Warm Series is presented at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City

August 2014: Introducing our first products

Kickstarter & Ulule

Digitsole completes successful Kickstarter and Ulule campaigns.

November 2014: We're croundfunded!

Consumer Electronics Show

On our first CES, the second generation of our Warm Series is elected one of the best Innovation at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas!

January 2015: Our first CES!

Warm Series’ launch

The Warm Series development is complete and the production is launched. The Warm Series is available in over thirty countries.

October 2015: Launch of our first connected insoles

Introducing the Smartshoe

Digitole presents the first generation of Smarshoe and it becomes one of the biggest buzz at the CES International in Las Vegas 2016

January 2016: The big buzz at CES!

Startup WorldCup

After a crazy competition within Europe, Digitsole is declared winner during the Startup Worldcup!

January 2017: We're Europe's winning startup!

Award in the Fitness, Sports & Biotech category

CES 2017: After another successful CES, we win the Award in the Fitness, Sports and Biotechnology category!

January 2017: We win a CES award!