Digitsole Warm Series can warm your feet track your day check calories burned with a simple click!

Click, warm and track! The Digitsole Warm Series is an innovative product designed for your comfort and your health. With a simple click you can interact with the product and modify a physical property (the temperature) !

most connected products (wristbands, watches, etc.) collect information and send it to the smartphone. But we believe that the Warm Series by Digitsole is the first step to a new generation of connected products as it not only collects information, but also changes its properties.

CONNECTED : All communication is handled via bluetooth 4.0 and can be monitored through a smartphone app specifically designed for the Warm Series.

INTERACTIVE : The App communicates with the Insoles both ways : not only does the smartphone collect data but it also controls the temperature.

HEATING : With a single tap on your screen, the heating function can be activated and the temperature adjusted for each insole separately. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, you control the temperature inside your shoes as you would do in your house or car.

TRACKING : The built-in accelerometer keeps a precise count of the number of steps thus turning the insole in a reliable pedometer. You can track your steps, log the distance walked and measure the calories burned.